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Farmer Browns Burgers was established to increase tourism and encourage visitors to taste typical Irish dishes and beverages. If you visit Ireland, you will realize it’s a country with a very interesting culture, and that’s what we want to showcase on this website. Irish culture is fascinating, and learning much more about it is simply worth it.

A team of 45 employees made up of animators, developers, designers and writers is managing our website that strive to create quality content for our users. We all research the Irish culture, but we’re also knowledgeable about the other influential cultures in Ireland.

Our country receives visitors from around the world, but mostly from England, the USA, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Australia. Our website is angled to the type of visitors Ireland receives year by year.

Likewise, most of our content relates to big cities like Dublin where the biggest markets thrive.

At Farmers Browns Burgers, we also create content for the visitors who come from far off places like South Africa, China, India, and New Zealand. Ireland is a country that even receives a large number of foreigners from the Middle East.

For them, we create targeted content related to restaurants in cooperation with online operators and industry partners who provide us useful information about international foods.

On the other hand, we include key source markets associated with eating places like bistros and restaurants and amusement places like casinos. We only stress on key food markets and international cuisines that have an impact on Irish gastronomy.

Farmer Browns Burgers provides first-hand information with the aid of different contributors. Besides our on-site team, much of the information is obtained from travel agencies.

Our team goes to casinos, restaurants, and bistros to do research and be able to review. Part of the content you will see here has been taken only from reliable sources.

This is a serious website about restaurants, bars, grills, and other dining spots we recommend visiting when in Ireland.