Pageimage restaurant - Top Restaurant Recommendations for Brunch

In Ireland, more specifically in Dublin, people enjoy brunch after a big night at the pub. After an intense weekend of socialising, there’s nothing better than eating out in one of these places that provide brunch. Here’s a list of our favourite picks.

Two Boys Brew, Dublin

Here, you’ll know what a big brunch is. At Two Boys Brew, everything is big. They tend to blend flavours and serve non-alcoholic drinks to satisfy all tastes.

Angelina’s, Dublin

This is another popular place in Dublin to have brunch. At Angelina’s, they like playing with avocado, the green fruit you would never expect finding here. They offer a wide variety of avocado dishes worth a try.

Beef and Lobster

For the people who love seafood. In Ireland, the Irish can eat shellfish throughout the day if they want to. At Beef and Lobster, you can order juicy patties and succulent shellfish for brunch or dinner if you go there at night.

Sophie’s at The Dean

Sophie’s at the Dean is one of the few restaurants that provide a 360-degree view of Dublin. As a bonus, they specialize in healthy food like granola. People go to Sophie’s to take selfies and have some pancake stacks.

Urchin, Dublin

Probably, people love this place so much because it’s very close to the beach. They opened their doors very recently in 2017 but know how to satisfy their customers with their unfussy vibe.

Brother Hubbard

Brother Hubbard specializes in Middle Eastern inspired menus. It’s like a great chance to taste some Middle Eastern food even if you’re far away from the Middle East. Their speciality? Black pudding.